Tolley Health Economics Ltd.

Tolley Health Economics Ltd. specialises in health economics and market access projects and strategic consultancy for the pharmaceutical industry in the UK, the rest of Europe and globally. The key focus is not just performing projects, but the wealth of experience of the Directors ensures high quality with an emphasis on a strategic assessment of the health technology and evidence needs for pharmaceutical market access.

We specialise in NICE and Scottish Medicine Consortium (SMC) related work in the UK including systematic reviews, submissions, reviews of draft submissions, fit for purpose economic models, utility studies/mapping and related strategic consultancy. We provide strategic advice and support on the HTA and health economic evidence needs for market access, pricing and reimbursement in the UK and other key European markets and can advise on evidence based market access strategies. Tolley Health Economics Ltd. was set up in 2008.

Tolley Health Economics Ltd. also has contact with an extensive network of researchers and consultants experienced in a range of skills including economic modelling, indirect comparisons and statistical analysis. This expertise can be called on as required for specific client projects. In addition, we have extensive contacts with key academics and HTA policy advisors across Europe.

A selection of projects conducted to date

The company was set up in August 2008. Completed projects since that time have included:

  • Quality of life review and utility study (EQ 5D) in children with osteosarcoma for a NICE submission
  • Systematic Review and NICE/SMC submission in the field of cancer
  • Review and clinical validation of economic model for fit for purpose assessment for SMC submission for iron overload in heavily transfused patients
  • Strategic advice relating to SMC submissions and health economic evidence needs in the field of a) cancer pain, and b) type 2 diabetes c) non-small cell lung cancer d) Bipolar disorder e) Refractory epilepsy
  • Production of evidence based booklet on “What are health utilities?”
  • Strategic advice for health economic model development in the field of type 2 diabetes
    • Attendance at several advisory board meetings relating to evidence needs and market access environment (in UK/other European countries) for ADHD, haemophilia, transplant, major depressive disorder, chronic angina
    • Expert advice relating to future COPD evidence needs and payer environment. Other “payer” interviews in a range of diseases (e.g. cancers, respiratory).
    • SMC submission and adaptation of economic model for new DPP-IV inhibitor in type 2 diabetes
    • Adaptation of an economic model and submission to NICE for renal cell carcinoma product.
    • Utility study (TTO) in CLL

For More Details

For more details of the services and support Tolley Health Economics can offer please contact Marie Hutchinson on +44 (0)1298 74855.