Some of our broader projects at Tolley Health Economics have involved collaboration with other health economics organisations to allow extra resources and expertise to cover all aspects of the project.

There are many advantages for organisations to incorporate collaboration between other organisations as some projects span more knowledge areas than just one corporation, or individual may be able to accommodate (for example, you may require a systematic review; clinical and economic writing of an HTA submission; building of an economic model and making it fit for purpose; utility study; indirect and mixed-treatment comparisons; manuscript; conference poster etc.), which forces collaboration and the formation of collaborative teams.

Another advantage of collaboration is decrease of production time brought about by the spreading out the resources. Your projects have deadlines that are dependent upon other initiatives that cannot be changed. We believe it is essential that more resources are pulled into the project in order to complete it on time. Tolley Health Economics currently collaborate with the following organisations:

  • BresMed Health solutions
  • Vegter Health Economic Research
  • Liverpool University
  • Groningen University
  • Adelphi Values

So whatever the size of your project, please contact 01298 74855 or email your request to